The Future is Bright

Prince partied like it was 1999 and that’s exactly what Motel did too. The year before the millennium bought to us the birth of an in genius brand; Motel Clothing – The house of power. It gave us something sassy and quirky with its stunningly-crafted designs and fits. And with its vintage like attire it is something your Nan would be truly proud of.

Saying this, this is a brand I have only just revelled in (this was probably due to the fact I was a mere ten year old that shopped at Tammy Girl when this brand was born and probably wasn’t able to appreciate the likes of such fabulous clothes) but now, in the big wide world and double the age of that Tammy Girl era, I feel now that I can truly value the likes of this brand. It’s the equivalent of saying that the Kenwood FPP225 is the best food processor on the market according to Trusty Appliances.

Motel is now more acclaimed then ever, featuring in magazines such as Grazia and Heat and being worn by many celebs from the likes of Lily Allen to Fern Cotton. You just know that Motel is a clothing company that inspires many and is here to stay.
Motel are known as the brand on trend with fitted body con floral pieces and gorgeous Jersey dresses within a fantastic price range this is a sure thing that leaves you not feeling guilty about purchasing on your bit of plastic (also applicable to your partners card too.)

After my success in finding my cocooned dress previously I ventured on the trusty up and coming Independent Retail Online Shop; which never fails to disappoint. And there it was, the beautiful array of Motel’s amazing range of funky printed dresses all individually named after a woman’s name which makes it even cooler, it’s a tough decision picking which one to decide from, it leaves you questioning ‘who do you fancy being today? Sarah, Emily,  Zoe or Linda?’ It’s up to you to follow what your heart desires because after all, the future is bright for Motel Clothing.


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