Me and my Perfect Cardigan – Together at last

Though many people underestimate the invaluable nature of the humble cardigan, for many years I have acknowledged, revelled in and loudly preached the word of the cardigan as if it were a religious conviction. The cardigan cannot be paralleled by any garment for usefulness, versatility and general wearability. It can finish, add to or be an outfit. It staves away both the cold and unwanted glances at problem appendages. It can be fancy, formal, plain, patterned, long, short  tailored, diaphanous. The cardigan can be anything you want it to be.

But here is the rub, to find the truly perfect one is (or was) impossible. It is the holy grail of knitwear, a mission that has consumed my life for any an idle afternoon.

Then one day it came to me like an epiphany, a shining beacon of hope for years to come, the brand that has for two wonderful years furnished me with perfectly cut, appropriate length of (no nasty midriff exposure with these bad boys), interesting yet wearable cardigans in a veritable plethora of different designs and colours.

Numph, oh how I love you, I really, really do. I have so much to thank you for, but where to start? Numph gave me a plain fine knit plum cardigan with bell sleeves and delightfully subtle little contrasting buttons. However this saucy little minx of a brand also gave me a blue, V-neck graphic print number with buttons quite literally up to my elbows.

Numph loves to please and it really does keep on giving. The amount of Numph cardigans crushed within my undersized wardrobe is verging on obscene and yet they all  nerve their uses as numph never does the same thing twice, be it the sleeve length, the addition of an over sized button, a flash of colour or a quirky little pattern, they never disappoint.

The one great injustice with Numph is that its understocked, with no stores in the UK, the average joe on the street struggles to find these priceless peachy little numbers. The only real solution is to turn to the Internet, as in all times of crisis. though many websites carry the entire range of numph, the one I’ve found with the most comprehensive range of Numph cardigans has to be
Leaf Street – they launched recently. They are all there in their woolly glory, so go on, change your life, discover a new way to live, live under the rule of the cardigan, because, lets face it, it makes more sense than Scientology.


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