I’m Not Still Jennie From The Block

After searching high and low mincing through trashy 65p magazines, I realised I needed something more than a mainstream ensemble that only offered me a two week satisfaction.

It came across to me that I really needed something that would make me ‘street chic’ you know, the British version of Carrie (minus the many zeros in the price tag) but something that would make me not so ashamed at the fact the latest E list celeb might be wearing the same as me a short while before/after.

So saying that I ventured on the technological world of the web and stumbled (clicked the mouse) on this website; leafstreet and there I found the ‘street chic’ I had been looking for, MbyM. No embarrassing hiccups anymore, no more 65p trashy magazines and no more Jennifer Ellison. This was the sure brand that could keep every fashionista happy whether it be them wearing the striking electric blue colours of this summer (despite the horrendous weather) to dominating the key abstract look with its pastel shades there’s something jazzy for everyone.

My personal favourite is this beautiful MbyM Ertan cardigan. With its abstract print and its cocooned shaped fit this was perfect for me hiding the muffin top I seem to have developed (yes the gym is on the agenda) but also perfect to create the hour glass shape by wearing a thick belt with a golden toned buckle and some killer Louboutins (or a slight cheaper variation of such an amazing shoe). And that was it, the crème de la crème. I just need Mr Thierry Henry/Big on my arm and I was ready to go, because, to me, MbyM does exactly what is says on the tin.  Lets just hope Jennifer doesn’t read this.


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