Are you Clubbed To Death?

Religion Clothing equals four words ‘Pure Rock and Roll.’ This sums up the look for this prestigious brand that goes from strength to strength each season their mighty fine collection is released.

It baffles to amaze me that these creations truly have a hold on me; the glitz, the glamour and a little bit of chiffon is what I need. As simple as it sounds this is far from the truth, because to be frank, who would reject something that offers the consumer something hip, sexy and magical.

Saying that, Religion Clothing is my new found love, the honeymoon stage of any relationship; the weird but great butterfly feeling that makes you get really excited. However, there is no catch here, it’s not just a six month hitch bur rather pure genius.

So it goes without saying that their new collection made me so happy beyond content with its Limited Edition range of clothing that automatically puts them at the top of my league, the Premiership in fact. This season’s must-have themed range of clothing is based on The Ibiza Clubbed Theme- ‘Clubbed To Death.’

Not only is this one of the world’s party capitals with it’s stunning elegant beaches/people/clubs it’s been bigged up so much it’s bagged a prime time slot and been manufactured onto Religion Clothings very own t-shirts and dresses. One of the best elements is that it’s quirky designs all have some staple prints that gets everyone talking.

From The Ministry Of Sound vintage printed speaker box design to the colourful print of Manumission, there is something for everyone. This can not only be a perfect gift of purchase but a reminder of your days kicking it back at Mambo Cafe (in my opinion your NEVER too old) So do something great. Invest in something special.

Experience, reminisce and be an inspiration. Buy something others are envious of. Wear the Limited Edition range and who knows what the next ventures of Religion might take us-Jackson what?! Make the right choice pick Religion Clothing. After all this isn’t just any clothing this is Religion Clothing.


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