The Future is Bright

Prince partied like it was 1999 and that’s exactly what Motel did too. The year before the millennium bought to us the birth of an in genius brand; Motel Clothing – The house of power. It gave us something sassy and quirky with its stunningly-crafted designs and fits. And with its vintage like attire it is something your Nan would be truly proud of.

Saying this, this is a brand I have only just revelled in (this was probably due to the fact I was a mere ten year old that shopped at Tammy Girl when this brand was born and probably wasn’t able to appreciate the likes of such fabulous clothes) but now, in the big wide world and double the age of that Tammy Girl era, I feel now that I can truly value the likes of this brand. It’s the equivalent of saying that the Kenwood FPP225 is the best food processor on the market according to Trusty Appliances.

Motel is now more acclaimed then ever, featuring in magazines such as Grazia and Heat and being worn by many celebs from the likes of Lily Allen to Fern Cotton. You just know that Motel is a clothing company that inspires many and is here to stay.
Motel are known as the brand on trend with fitted body con floral pieces and gorgeous Jersey dresses within a fantastic price range this is a sure thing that leaves you not feeling guilty about purchasing on your bit of plastic (also applicable to your partners card too.)

After my success in finding my cocooned dress previously I ventured on the trusty up and coming Independent Retail Online Shop; which never fails to disappoint. And there it was, the beautiful array of Motel’s amazing range of funky printed dresses all individually named after a woman’s name which makes it even cooler, it’s a tough decision picking which one to decide from, it leaves you questioning ‘who do you fancy being today? Sarah, Emily,  Zoe or Linda?’ It’s up to you to follow what your heart desires because after all, the future is bright for Motel Clothing.

I’m Not Still Jennie From The Block

After searching high and low mincing through trashy 65p magazines, I realised I needed something more than a mainstream ensemble that only offered me a two week satisfaction.

It came across to me that I really needed something that would make me ‘street chic’ you know, the British version of Carrie (minus the many zeros in the price tag) but something that would make me not so ashamed at the fact the latest E list celeb might be wearing the same as me a short while before/after.

So saying that I ventured on the technological world of the web and stumbled (clicked the mouse) on this website; leafstreet and there I found the ‘street chic’ I had been looking for, MbyM. No embarrassing hiccups anymore, no more 65p trashy magazines and no more Jennifer Ellison. This was the sure brand that could keep every fashionista happy whether it be them wearing the striking electric blue colours of this summer (despite the horrendous weather) to dominating the key abstract look with its pastel shades there’s something jazzy for everyone.

My personal favourite is this beautiful MbyM Ertan cardigan. With its abstract print and its cocooned shaped fit this was perfect for me hiding the muffin top I seem to have developed (yes the gym is on the agenda) but also perfect to create the hour glass shape by wearing a thick belt with a golden toned buckle and some killer Louboutins (or a slight cheaper variation of such an amazing shoe). And that was it, the crème de la crème. I just need Mr Thierry Henry/Big on my arm and I was ready to go, because, to me, MbyM does exactly what is says on the tin.  Lets just hope Jennifer doesn’t read this.

Are you Clubbed To Death?

Religion Clothing equals four words ‘Pure Rock and Roll.’ This sums up the look for this prestigious brand that goes from strength to strength each season their mighty fine collection is released.

It baffles to amaze me that these creations truly have a hold on me; the glitz, the glamour and a little bit of chiffon is what I need. As simple as it sounds this is far from the truth, because to be frank, who would reject something that offers the consumer something hip, sexy and magical.

Saying that, Religion Clothing is my new found love, the honeymoon stage of any relationship; the weird but great butterfly feeling that makes you get really excited. However, there is no catch here, it’s not just a six month hitch bur rather pure genius.

So it goes without saying that their new collection made me so happy beyond content with its Limited Edition range of clothing that automatically puts them at the top of my league, the Premiership in fact. This season’s must-have themed range of clothing is based on The Ibiza Clubbed Theme- ‘Clubbed To Death.’

Not only is this one of the world’s party capitals with it’s stunning elegant beaches/people/clubs it’s been bigged up so much it’s bagged a prime time slot and been manufactured onto Religion Clothings very own t-shirts and dresses. One of the best elements is that it’s quirky designs all have some staple prints that gets everyone talking.

From The Ministry Of Sound vintage printed speaker box design to the colourful print of Manumission, there is something for everyone. This can not only be a perfect gift of purchase but a reminder of your days kicking it back at Mambo Cafe (in my opinion your NEVER too old) So do something great. Invest in something special.

Experience, reminisce and be an inspiration. Buy something others are envious of. Wear the Limited Edition range and who knows what the next ventures of Religion might take us-Jackson what?! Make the right choice pick Religion Clothing. After all this isn’t just any clothing this is Religion Clothing.

Me and my Perfect Cardigan – Together at last

Though many people underestimate the invaluable nature of the humble cardigan, for many years I have acknowledged, revelled in and loudly preached the word of the cardigan as if it were a religious conviction. The cardigan cannot be paralleled by any garment for usefulness, versatility and general wearability. It can finish, add to or be an outfit. It staves away both the cold and unwanted glances at problem appendages. It can be fancy, formal, plain, patterned, long, short  tailored, diaphanous. The cardigan can be anything you want it to be.

But here is the rub, to find the truly perfect one is (or was) impossible. It is the holy grail of knitwear, a mission that has consumed my life for any an idle afternoon.

Then one day it came to me like an epiphany, a shining beacon of hope for years to come, the brand that has for two wonderful years furnished me with perfectly cut, appropriate length of (no nasty midriff exposure with these bad boys), interesting yet wearable cardigans in a veritable plethora of different designs and colours.

Numph, oh how I love you, I really, really do. I have so much to thank you for, but where to start? Numph gave me a plain fine knit plum cardigan with bell sleeves and delightfully subtle little contrasting buttons. However this saucy little minx of a brand also gave me a blue, V-neck graphic print number with buttons quite literally up to my elbows.

Numph loves to please and it really does keep on giving. The amount of Numph cardigans crushed within my undersized wardrobe is verging on obscene and yet they all  nerve their uses as numph never does the same thing twice, be it the sleeve length, the addition of an over sized button, a flash of colour or a quirky little pattern, they never disappoint.

The one great injustice with Numph is that its understocked, with no stores in the UK, the average joe on the street struggles to find these priceless peachy little numbers. The only real solution is to turn to the Internet, as in all times of crisis. though many websites carry the entire range of numph, the one I’ve found with the most comprehensive range of Numph cardigans has to be
Leaf Street – they launched recently. They are all there in their woolly glory, so go on, change your life, discover a new way to live, live under the rule of the cardigan, because, lets face it, it makes more sense than Scientology.

New Site Launch

After many months of sweat, tears and dreams, its finally here, the long-awaited online phenomenon that is Leaf Street has finally landed.

Launch took place at 2100 on Friday 13 March (we like to live dangerously) and we would like to say a big heartfelt thank you to the entire team who have contributed to the website – were sure you will agree it is a thing of beauty and we couldn’t have done it without the Special Ones; Hussein (you know I’m going to borrow your car when we get them together), Robyn and Jade (for the 29 hour description marathon), Sarah and Ben (we hope the Rugby lads cut you some slack).

Remember, this is just the beginning so stay tuned.